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A misty, ancient forest with many trees and leaves taken at Qing Cheng Mountain in China for Hidden Root Acupuncture

Tap Into Acupuncture's 2,000 Year Old Roots

Health is a balancing act.

When stress is too high, sleep is too little, or what we eat and drink is out of sync with our body's needs, it is easy for disease, pain, and "I can't take this anymore" to find a home in your body.

The key to re-balancing the body is finding and treating THE ROOT of the problem, which is unique to you, instead of just addressing your symptoms with a one-size-fits-all protocol.

As Acupuncturists, we use Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbs, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxa, Microneedling, and Food Therapy as our tools. Let's see how we can help!

I go regularly for cupping and acupuncture, and Jackie brings such light and energy to our sessions. She listens to my concerns and custom tailors each visit. I won’t go anywhere else for acupuncture!

— M.M.

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