COVID-19 Information
A button that says "Covid-10 vaccinated practitioner" with a mask icon

Updated 8/2021


It is no secret that the pandemic has affected nearly every facet of our lives, my clinic included. Below are the adjustments I've made to try and mitigate the risk of transmitting the coronavirus at Hidden Root Acupuncture.

We will both wear masks for the entirety of your appointment.


While I will be sure to clean the bathroom regularly, there is no way to guarantee disinfection between uses since it is a common bathroom shared with other businesses in the building. Use at your own discretion.

Every entrant to the building should wash hands thoroughly at the washing station upon entry to our suite.

I have made electronic versions of all of my consent forms (to maximize treatment time and minimize surfaces touched) and will be requiring every patient to sign a COVID-informed Consent To Treatment Form to ensure that you know the new risks of being treated and to understand that I will not treat anyone with active COVID-19 symptoms.


If you are feeling sick or know you've had contact with someone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19, you need to reschedule and let me know ASAP.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns! This information is all subject to change as the situation progresses.